OXD, the sport division, will be in charge of promoting an active lifestyle among customers and employees


Sport and physical activity contribute to improve sustainably the people’s well-being and health, this is the reason why the European Commission have launched the campaign Be active for two consecutive years.  The main objective is promoting an active lifestyle as well as boosting the European spirit upon citizens.

So for 7 days (from 10th to 18th September) will be held countless proposals suitable for all audiences, regardless of age, experience or physical condition with the aim of encouraging people, public authorities, the civil society and the private sector to promote sport and physical activity.

Telic Group will join this initiative thanks to its sportive brand OXD. During a week the OXD team will propose several challenges and contests for promoting the abandon of sedentary lifestyle among the brand followers and the company employees. Many studies have identified the lack of physical activity as a cause of illness.

Physical activity contributes to the prolongation of life and to improve its quality through physiological, psychological and social benefits. So, as a company linked to the sports field, Telic Group will not lose the opportunity to promote physical exercise, an activity that provides multiple benefits on health and wellness as it reduces economic costs in our society.