• The cosmetic’s brand for professionals in aesthetics and physiotherapy changes image and brand to be part of the professional range of OXD.
  • This change will only have external effects and will not change the formulas, price or quality of products.

logoStarting on January the 1st, +B.O products will have changes in their image – mainly in their labeling but also in some containers – due to a progressive brand change.
+ B.O has been for almost 15 years a benchmark for all professionals in the sector. Its products, of recognized effectiveness and quality, will become part of the professional range of OXD, known – so far – as a brand of creams and muscle gels for athletes.

OXD Professional Care was born with the desire to bring the products used daily by numerous athletes to physiotherapy professionals. Thus, through their hands and their recommendation, OXD products will be known by their patients and, by extension, by the general public.

This change will not suppose the suppression of products or the change of formats.

The integration of + B.O in OXD Professional Care responds to the brand’s need to offer a varied and complete range of products to physiotherapists and professionals in the sector. + B.O has more than forty products among which stand out massage creams and oils, essential oils or gels based on natural ingredients. All of them are known and used by many professionals who found in + B.O the ideal product in every moment. From January onwards they will be able to continue depositing their trust in OXD Professional Care.

It is essentially an image change

This change will not suppose the suppression of products or the change of formats, which will remain the same as in its predecessor brand. Neither will it mean a price increase nor the modification of the formulas of the products. This is essentially an external change that will also order and make more understandable the internal organization of Telic Group, the manufacturer, which is formed by brands and divisions. Thus, in the division of physiotherapy will be OXD Professional Care as the flagship brand, in the aesthetics UMAN and in the sports OXD Sport.