+B.O aesthetics products  will change their image progressively to UMAN


Telic Group’s catalog presents two great novelties that can be simplified into one: all +B.O products will change image and brand according to their target audience. Thus, all massage products that have been developed with the needs of physiotherapists and professionals of sports medicine in mind are already part of OXD Professional Care, a new brand that has been born under the umbrella of OXD – known as a brand of creams and muscular gels-. On the other hand, + B.O products for aesthetics centers and beauty professionals such as anti-cellulite ointments or cavitation gel will change to UMAN.

No changes in formulas, formats or prices

As it happened with OXD Professional Care, this modification will not mean a change of formats or prices nor the modification of the formulas, although some products will no longer be manufactured as +B.O nor UMAN due to its low demand, for example the shea butter, olive and avocado moisturizing emulsions.


Just an image change

In short, this is mainly an image change that will also order and make more sense to the internal organization of Telic Group, made of brands and divisions.