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Benevolent fund

As part of our commitment to social issues, Telic Group promotes the reconciliation of its employees’ family, personal and working life. The well-being of the members of our Telic team is essential in order for our plan to be shared, to be appealing, and to have the human touch that our client deserves and that we wish to convey to the world.

We also feel enormously for that group of elderly persons with little money, and in order to support these we have signed a cooperation agreement with “Amics de la gent gran” periodically providing them with free products relating to daily care and personal hygiene.




Telic Group is committed to the environment and has a waste management protocol, using recycled and recyclable packaging. On a daily basis it implements procedures that help us to be a respectful, sustainable company. We have started working towards implementing ISO standard 14001.





Our principle of equality

Telic Group, loyal to its social commitment, has support for the creation and development for an Equality Plan in the company which guarantees an equal treatment and opportunities between woman and men in our company.

In order to implant this, measures will be taken at all levels to avoid any discrimination between both sexes. These measures will be known and mandatory for all the personnel. Furthermore, Telic Management will devote efforts, tools and personnel for achieving Telic Group as an organization with an important Gender Equality.

The development of this plan will acquire that Telic Group emphasize with the social commitment that has already demonstrated in other actions such as the conciliation of professional, personal and family life promotion between its personal.

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